Dha-Mee Hahn
Images from MFA Show 2011Korean Much?Enamel LandArtificial PreciousnessFidget PrideFancy Meal TimeSocial Awareness TimeHand Jobs
Growing up as a second generation Korean American, the strict values I was taught at home conflicted with the casual lifestyle that I encountered in the outside world. Both principles although valid, often contradicted each other. The frankensteining of objects is my own attempt to literally combine and socially redefine both worlds.

I am a metalsmith and designer. I use the body and my perspective of culture clash as a format for my work. Humor has also become a necessity in my visual language. Laughing at myself has been a way to cope with the discomforts brought on through the awkward fusion of such opposite cultures. They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, so why not just stand in the middle?